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January 8, 2016 Post

kwanzaa-celebrationKwanzaa is a cultural holiday and celebration by people of African Descent and parts of Africa as a first fruit; first harvest celebration. This cultural celebration is based on seven principles, Nguzo Saba in which African Americans pull together to honor their heritage, legacy, and their ancestors.

In the Seven Spools of Thread each Kwanzaa principles are woven into the story. The story starts off with seven Ashanti brothers from Ghana who argue from sun up to sun down. The brothers were being raised by their father, after the death of their mother. Seven Spools of ThreadsThe brothers argue about food, how to tend to the crops, or when to stop working and go home. One sad day their father died. The Chief of the village summoned the seven Ashanti brothers to review their inheritance left by their father. The inheritance will be shared equally among the seven brothers…

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