Children Books for Sale


Dress the African Way! An Activity Book for the Family brings to life the rich culture and customs of Africa. African people always took pride in their clothes. They understood that the way you dressed told a story about a culture and its people’s way of life. The world has seen the beautiful fabrics of Africa. The soul of Africa was shared with the world through each thread woven into the most elegant and colorful fabrics. Children all over the world can share in this beauty by taking a journey with Mut Griot as she shares a brief history of African clothes. The book includes activities, coloring, and a CD for interactive learning.

Dress the African Way! An Activity Book for the Family.

Children activity book for the family.


4 thoughts on “Children Books for Sale

  1. Coronovirus Children Book with hidden message and graphics no more pictures or puzzle for special need children(Guide reminder what to do) or a book esp for those who need Mut Griio while school want returned maybe until August stated SC Governor

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