Mission: The mission of Mut (Ancient Egyptian Word for Mother) Griot Production is to provide an e-service program that promotes Afrocentric stories, activities, history, and resources.

Platform: Mut Griot Production is an online membership service. Participants can receive Mut Griot Production online services through subscription only.

Our Services: There is so much information and resources available. We understand that many families, teachers or school librarians may not have the time to research, critically examine, and share quality information about African and African American history and culture. This is where Mut Griot Production company can help.

Mut Griot Production services is based on researching information that promotes learning with a focus on African and African American history and culture. Our company leverages the expertise of trained librarians and educators in compiling the best resources that promotes learning. We do the research for our members. We compile that information and share it with our members.  Click below for a sample

Mut Griot Production does the heavy lifting for you in sharing books, music, videos and activities. Our members get to enjoy the resources that promotes learning from an Afrocentric lens.

Monthly, as a member you will receive an electronic packet or login information to download these resources to be enjoyed by your family. As a member, you will receive an invitation to participant in live streaming story time or pre-recorded story time.

Mut Griot Production Fees: Our fees are modest to allow an affordable plan for everyone. Contact us for subscription fees at